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Vol.2 The mouth of the Rokkaku River

The huge mouth of the river behind the Ariake Sea with a stunning sunset view.

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The Rokkaku River originates up in the Jinroku Mountain in Yamauchi Town, Takeo City, which is located in western Saga. The Rokkaku River meets the Takeo River along the way, snakes through the Shiroishi Plain, and flows into the Ariake Sea. The impressive part around the mouth of the river is probably the well-built dikes on both sides of the sea. These were built because the area had often suffered from floods since early times.

The surrounding land is built by reclamation. Since it is below sea level, it was greatly damaged when there was flood due to heavy rain or typhoon during the high tide at the Ariake Sea, which has a great tidal range. Therefore, considerably tall, wide, and impressive dikes were built. However, they are not intimidating because the mouth of the river is wide.

Boats are moored here and there on the river. As you go up the river, you may see more boats and the number of boats will probably reach the peak at around Suminoebashi. There are boats fixed in the middle of the river. This suggests that there are many people in the region who are engaged in fishing and laver farming.

The interesting thing is the way boats are fixed. Boats are fixed with their bow upstream and this might be for the boats not to have any resistance to flow. If you look at it from the upper part of the river, it looks like those boats are sailing toward you. But these boats are not actually sailing, so it looks like a stop-motion scene.

The highlight of the scenery in this area would be the sunset. Dikes, reeds around the river, and moored boats become silhouettes and surface under the sky with the burning evening sun. The river is turning red and the boats are kicking up waves and going on fishing.

It would be nice to go further up from Suminoebashi and gaze toward a modern cable-stayed bridge, Shindo Oobashi, from around the estuary barrage. Against the silhouette of the Sefuri Mountain area, the water is snaking through the river. There are also the afterglow of the sunset reflecting on ripples and fishing boats on the shore.

All of these scenes are very touching because you also find the story of people who have been spending their life sometimes embracing and sometimes fighting with the river and the ocean. Evening sunlight makes this scenery even more impressive. A deep impression left on you will slowly permeate your heart.

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