To film makers (We are accepting the request to support location shootings)

Saga Pref. Film Commission offers help in many ways to ensure that filming movies, TV dramas, etc. in the prefecture go smoothly. We try very hard to raise the quality of works of various genres as much as possible. First of all, experience our passionate support!

Saga Pref. Film Commission provides the following services.

  1. We respond to any concerns about filming with enthusiasm.
  2. Please send us your proposal and scenario. Our location team will do research on and introduce filming location candidates suitable for your ideas.
  3. We actively contact and coordinate with filming-related organizations.
  4. Our enthusiastic staff will accompany you for going on location hunting or visiting locations for planning scenarios.
  5. We ask relevant organizations for their cooperation on your behalf.
  6. We will accompany you when applying for relevant organizations’ authorization. We will also take care of the application procedure for you.
  7. We provide information on popular accommodations, car rentals, lunch boxes, catering services, restaurants, night life, etc. during your visit to filming locations.
  8. More than 600 extras are registered with us! We also arrange for volunteers.
  9. We do our best to help you make arrangements with location sites and provide information on safety policies.
  10. Borders between prefectures do not matter! It is easy to contact and coordinate with film commissions in Kyushu and Yamaguchi area.
  11. We will gladly provide any necessary local information for the editing process.
  12. We will do our best on PR activities for the work we are supporting.

We offer many other services as well.

Requests for location shootings, etc.

Saga Pref. Film Commission promotes film commission activities in the prefecture with the cooperation and understating of candidate filming locations and of many citizens. In order to help more film makers continue to film smoothly in the future, we would like to ask you to respect the following rules.

  1. Please select a contact person, who will be responsible for coordinating with the FC, and clearly state his/her responsibilities.
  2. In case when the shooting may inconvenient local residents (late night shootings, noises, etc.), we will ask you to explain this to the residents beforehand and obtain their consent.
  3. Please inform the FC about your discussions with the facilities we introduced to you, whether you decide to use them or not.
  4. When you cancel filming or change your schedule, please inform the facility manger and filming collaborators immediately. Please let the FC know as well.
  5. Please make sure you discuss any terms or conditions thoroughly with facility managers and/or filming collaborators, and comply with those terms or conditions.
  6. Please return all facilities to their original condition and clean them up when you are done filming.
  7. We do not compensate for or provide any filming costs, nor do we help you with price negotiation with enterprises. Thus, the producer must deal with issues regarding placement of order or contract with filming equipment suppliers.