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About Saga Prefecture FC

We are a non-profit public organization considering how to make Saga an energetic place to live to the fullest by utilizing video productions to promote its local merits. We are committed to a wide range of areas, including regional revitalization, tourism promotion, and cultural promotion.

Saga Prefecture Film Commission

The project will promote location shooting of visual content such as movies, dramas, commercials, promotional videos and web videos, and encourage collaboration with the local community to create visual productions. In addition, it will be used to publicize information about Saga Prefecture through visual images.

One of the key objectives of the project is to engage local people in the movie and drama making process and make them aware of the importance of their participation and enjoyment, thereby promoting local revitalization and building interest in the area, and to remind local people of Saga's merits and explore new attractions through these visual works.

Additionally, as part of our efforts to support the establishment of visual culture in the region, we assist in fostering young creators, sponsor various film festivals, and create and provide opportunities for people to experience visual culture through events such as Saga Cinema Classics.

Contact us:

Saga Pref. Film Commission

1-1-59 Jonai,Saga-shi
(1F,New Administrative Building,Saga Pref,Office Building)
Tel:+81-952-25-7296 Fax:+81-952-25-7443

Business hours:

Monday through Friday (except national holidays) 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(However, when shooting on location, etc., please contact the office separately.)

What is the Film Commission (FC)?

We, Film Commission (FC), are a non-profit public institution fully utilizing the abundant and immense nature, historical buildings, and other materials that are unique and fortunate to the local area. By encouraging filmmakers to visit the area for on-site-shooting of movies and dramas, we are able to help smooth the way for actual on-site shooting.

In particular, we provide assistance in locating suitable sites for shooting (location sourcing), referrals, processing various permits and licenses related to on-site shooting, and coordinating the arrangements for extras and other matters.

In Japan, there are over 100 franchises, and film commission projects conducted mainly by prefectural and municipal governments, chambers of commerce and industry, convention bureaus, and tourism federations and associations.


Situated in the northern part of Kyushu which is located in the southwestern part of the Japanese archipelago, Saga is a prefecture that flourishes in agriculture and fisheries, with two big oceans and rural landscapes. Saga is home to world-famous pottery such as Imari and Arita porcelain, high-quality foods nurtured by its rich nature including Saga beef, leisurely hot springs, traditional festivals, architecture and a wide range of attractive sights to explore.

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