For shooting producers
(support request reception)

The Saga Prefecture Film Commission provides various support services to promote the smooth shooting of movies and TV dramas in Saga Prefecture.

Services of Saga Prefecture Film Commission

  1. Counseling on all aspects of photography
  2. Promptly recommending properties that best fit producers’ imagination based on their proposals and other information
  3. Speedy contacting and coordinating with related agencies, etc.
  4. Our staff accompanies producers on scenario hunting and on-site shooting.
  5. Requests for cooperation from related organizations
  6. Assisting with applications to relevant agencies for permits and approvals, and coordinate applications.
  7. Providing information on accommodations, car rentals, box lunch stores, catering, restaurants, and more.
  8. Over 1,000 registered extras! Volunteers for cooperation are also available.
  9. Assisting as much as possible in coordinating with locations, safety measures, etc.
  10. Widely promote supported works via PR whenever possible

And so on

Requests for location shooting

Based on the solid understanding and collaboration of many residents of the prefecture, including potential shooting locations, the Saga Prefectural Film Commission is committed to enhancing the shooting activities within the prefecture. In order to ensure that as many producers as possible can continue to conduct shooting smoothly for many years to come, please comply with the following matters.

  1. Please appoint a contact person to negotiate with the Film Commission and clarify the responsibilities of this person.
  2. Please explain to local residents and obtain their consent in advance if shooting, etc. is to take place during the night or if noise is expected to be generated, or if there is any other disturbance to the lives of local residents.
  3. Please inform the FC of the details of any discussions with the referred facility or others, regardless of whether or not they are used.
  4. Any cancellation of shooting or rescheduling of shooting must be notified immediately to the facility manager, shooting collaborators, etc., and also to the FC.
  5. Before shooting, please consult with the facility manager, shooting collaborators, etc., and comply with any instructions or other conditions that may be required.
  6. Please be sure to fully maintain the facility/place in its original condition and clean up at the end of the shoot.
  7. FC will not cover the costs of shooting, etc. (i.e., provide funding), nor will it act as an agent to negotiate prices with businesses. Therefore, producers are responsible for entering into contracts or outsourcing orders with vendors as required for shooting, etc.